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TSM&O is a program based on measuring performance, actively managing the multimodal transportation network, and delivering positive safety and mobility outcomes to the travelling public in Florida. The FDOT District Five TSM&O Implementation Plan can be accessed here. Please forward any comments, questions or concerns to Jeremy Dilmore or David Williams.

Provide leadership and serve as a catalyst in becoming the national leader in mobility.

Improve safety and mobility through the efficient application of traffic engineering principles and practices.

TSM&O Projects

Project cohesiveness serves to improve communications, coordination, and collaboration amongst transportation partners leading to more effective leveraging of existing infrastructure. These projects are planned and produced by our TSM&O Production Staff and Local Agency Partners.

TSM&O Consortium

The Central Florida Regional Transportation Operations Consortium was originally established in 2002 between FDOT and several regional partners, to promote coordinated decision-making and information sharing in the planning, design, development, and evaluation of ITS within the region.

The partnership evolved – based on the Capability Maturity Framework (CMF) assessment conducted in 2014 – to include all MPOs/TPOs, counties, major municipalities, and other entities under the purview of District 5. Now the TSM&O Consortium, the bi-monthly meeting provides a forum for District 5 and its regional partners to discuss strategies, trends, and lessons learned regarding the implementation of TSM&O processes within the respective organizations. The TSM&O Consortium is part of an effort to improve the region’s CMF self-assessment for the Collaboration Dimension from Level 2 to Level 3. Each member organization is encouraged to provide updates and feedback regarding TSM&O practices within their jurisdiction. Discussions held during the TSM&O Consortium will be influential during the development of various TSM&O documents by District 5.

Click HERE to access meeting materials.

TSM&O Production Staff

The TSM&O production staff assists with technical guidance in deployment of Intelligent Transportation System to Department of Transportation internal staff, design consultants and contractors. This helps improve Agency responsiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency through innovative research, defined architectures, planning, and optimal use of technology. In order to support this state-of-the-art technologies to develop and support TSM&O applications and special projects, using innovative development methodologies, industry-standard best practices, and agency-wide project management tools and measures.

TSM&O Contact information

Planning Jeremy Dilmore
Production Tushar Patel
IT Demetrius Lewis
Construction James Miller
Maintenance Ron Miller
Operations Jim Stroz
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