District 5 Smart Roads

Security Access Request

District Secretary Michael Shannon
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Security Access Request

Requesting access to ITS resources? (for example: Domain Account, Sunguide, MIMS, Servers, etc.)

Please complete the following forms and training below:

Please submit all forms and training certificates to D5.TSMOSecurity@dot.state.fl.us.

Requesting access to the RTMC or Tower Hub Sites? You must complete a background check.  Background Check instructions are provided below:

  • Complete, print, and sign all pages of the SLERS Background Check Form below:

  • Shedule a fingerprinting appointment with the HSMV.

  • Take the HSMV Fingerprint Confirmation Form with you to the HSMV and present it to the HSMV representative to complete your fingerprinting. (Make sure the representative signs the Fingerprint Confirmation Form).

  • Submit all forms to your FDOT Project Manager.

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