District 5 Intelligent Transportation Systems
District Secretary Steve Martin


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   Welcome to District 5 Intelligent Transportation Systems

Traffic congestion affects the quality of life for our residents, visitors and businesses alike. With local population continuing to grow, the need for a sound transportation management system is essential to achieve the levels of mobility necessary to ensure regional growth and prosperity. Construction of new highway capacity has not kept pace with the growing demand of the traveling public. The implementation of ITS has proven to be a valuable and cost-effective alternative to traditional highway expansion projects. ITS is the application of advanced communications technologies, Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV), Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSL) and Vehicle Detection Systems (VDS) that assist in managing our transportation systems to enhance the efficiency and safety of our roadways. District Five, in its ongoing mission to maintain the mobility goals set within our region, continues its commitment to implement and operate the ITS program along the roadways within Central Florida.